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Editing a scientific text for publication in accordance with disciplinary standards


A series of three consultations that results in an edited manuscript


Advice on managing the writing process and preparing a manuscript for publication 
+ Feedback


Interactive half-day or full-day workshops on scientific writing

Manuscript editing for publication 

Need help with a paper before submission? We edit it for

  • accuracy of grammar,

  • precision and accuracy of vocabulary,

  • reader-friendliness of sentences and paragraphs,

  • clarity,

  • flow, 

  • punctuation, and

  • compliance with your preferred style guide and the requirements of the target journal.

After you receive our comments and suggestions on your manuscript, we schedule an online meeting to sort out any remaining issues and answer all your lingering questions.

The price of the manuscript editing service depends on the length of your text. We charge 75 CHF/1000 words; if you need urgent editing (within 2–3 days), we add a 15% surcharge.

Consultation and manuscript editing for long-time learning benefits

This package includes three online consultations, manuscript editing, and in-depth assessment of your writing skills so that effective measures can be identified for future skill development. This means you benefit not only from having a submission-ready academic text but also from knowing what steps need to be taken for long-term improvement. 

The first consultation takes place after the assessment of a writing sample. We discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your writing and establish a focus for language development. Then you submit a more substantial chunk of text, which is also corrected and discussed. Finally, the remaining part of the text goes on the operating table. After the last consultation, you'll have a polished draft and a list of written recommendations how to move forward.  

The price of this service depends on the length of your final text. We charge 110 CHF/1000 words, which only includes the last text. The feedback on the first two texts are complimentary in this package.

Writing courses for research groups or departments

An all-round writing course tailored to your disciplinary needs can make all the difference for doctoral students when it comes to successful publications. The course typically focuses on the following areas (but individual requests will be accommodated):

  • The writing process

  • Journal selection

  • Sentence and paragraph formation

  • Drafting the macrostructural units (abstracts, introductions, methods, results, etc.)

  • Editing your own writing

  • The submission process

Course participants study input on these areas, do interactive exercises, and receive individual feedback on their writing samples.

The price of a course depends on the number of lessons requested. We charge 270 CHF/lesson, so a 20-lesson course would cost 5400 CHF. Get in touch to obtain a quote that suits your specific requirements.

Writing workshops on your premises or at off-site events 

Whether you need to organize an intensive writing bootcamp or a focused manuscript surgery, our hands-on workshops can provide a solution. The half-day or full-day workshops can be held online, on your premises, or at an off-site location. We are happy to accommodate any special requests concerning the topics, format, or methods.   

The price of workshops depends on the requested length of the event. We charge 1080 CHF/half day. Get in touch to obtain a quote that suits your specific needs.

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