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  • Will you keep my research confidential?
    Absolutely. Your submissions will not be shared with any third party.
  • What research fields do you work in?
    Most of my clients are from natural sciences and engineering subjects, but I have also worked with social scientists and humanities scholars. I always make sure I am up to date with the disciplinary requirements before I start working on a manuscript.
  • What do you edit in a text?
    I try to provide all-round editing, which means I correct problems related to Punctuation, Grammar, Vocabulary, Sentence structure, Flow, Clarity, Reader-friendliness, Conciseness, and Macrostructure. In general, when something seems to be off, I help you find a better way of communicating your meaning.
  • How quickly do you return my text with corrections?
    It depends. Usually, it takes about a week to edit a full research paper, but if you have a looming deadline, the process can be sped up. This will entail an extra charge, though: you will be charged at the top of the price range indicated on the website.
  • How many participants are there in courses and workshops?
    Courses are typically taken by up to 15 participants while workshops can accommodate up to 30 participants.
  • What's covered in a course?
    It depends on your needs. A typical writing course would have five half-day sessions, each focusing on a different topic, but we are happy to tailor both the content and the length of the course to your particular circumstances. Sample course structure Session 1: Vocabulary choices, sentence formation, style Session 2: The writing process, paragraph formation, cohesion Session 3: Methods, figures and tables, crafting a research story Session 4: Introductions, conclusions, and abstracts Session 5: Revision, punctuation, the submission process
  • What's the difference between a course and a workshop?
    While both formats rely on a combination of input and interactive exercises, there are a few differences. These are listed below. Courses: Comprise around 20 lessons Take place regularly Offer individual expert feedback Assign homework Workshops: Comprise around 8 lessons Are a one-off event Offer supervised peer feedback Do not assign homework
  • How do I book a service?
    The prices of all of our services depend on your needs. For instance, editing prices are calculated on the basis of the length of the text and the urgency of the request. The prices of courses and workshops depend on the number of lessons and the number of participants. So please get in touch: describe your needs so that we can provide a quote.
  • Can I reschedule an appointment?
    Yes, we can reschedule appointments 24 hours in advance.

Further questions? Let us know.

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